You can use these worksheets in your home. They are very fun.


A CROCHET note is 1/4 of a whole note and is represented with a shaded in oval shown above with no flags.

4 quarter notes make a whole note.

How long???? Only 1 beat.

A note that lasts half as long as a whole note is a half note. Half notes are notated with a hollow oval note head and a straight note stem with no flags.

2 half notes make a whole note.

How long? 2 beats.

The simplest-looking note, with no stems or flags, is a whole note.

All other note lengths are defined by how long they last compared to a whole note.

How long? 4 beats

Here you have an exercise about the QUAVERS....Enjoy yourself!


When reading music, one of the first element we will encounter is the time signature. Measures are qualified by two numbers used in the time signature. The number on top indicates the amount of beats existing in each measure (we will later explain the function of the number on the bottom):